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Doc is now considered a “chubby wubby” instead of a “bubby wubby” … welcome to the Chunky Monkey Club!!!!! 

The EPI4DOGS saying “if you’ve met one EPI dog, then you’ve met just one EPI dog” definitely applies to my Doc aka “Bubby Wubby” aka “Chubby Wubby”.  We brought Doc home from the breeder in late May 2014, after we patiently researched and waited to get my husband’s dream dog – a solid black GSD.  We were so excited for our new addition to the family and I even took a week off of work for “puppy potty training.”  Unfortunately, Doc was very sick from the day we brought him home with constant diarrhea and urinating literally every five minutes.  He was diagnosed with bladder and coccidia infection.  After the infections cleared, he continued to have diarrhea which turned into huge, bright yellow cow pies, the smell of which would literally knock you off of your feet.  Although my vet never treated an EPI dog before, luckily she was familiar with the symptoms and at three months old he was tested for EPI – B12 and Folate also.  The results were negative for EPI but he was diagnosed with SIBO.  From August 2014 until February 2015, Doc grew and was the most gorgeous, happy, goofy dog and a whopping 95lbs.  In mid-March 2015 we started basic obedience classes at our local pet store, and shortly after the trainer commented that Doc looked thin and we should consider changing his food to something better.  When I took Doc to the vet (a different one) I was surprised to find that he had lost a few pounds, but the vet thought he looked good and it was better for him to be thin than overweight.  A few weeks later, when we could feel his spine and see his hip bones and ribs we went back to the vet and again was told everything was fine.  At the beginning of May 2015, Doc had diarrhea for two days and on the third day he threw up all over his crate.  We rushed to the vet and had fecal and blood tests run – everything came back normal. 

Almost immediately Doc began eating his poop, but we were advised it was normal puppy behavior although he had never done it before.  I knew something was seriously wrong with my Doc and by this time he had lost 14lbs so I asked for the EPI test to be run again.  It came back positive for EPI, low B12 and high Folate (SID/SIBO).  I was completely devastated and felt like we had been handed a death sentence for our dog and cried buckets.  Then when I was told how expensive the enzymes were and he would need them for life my husband said we would have to give Doc away.  When I notified our breeder who is also a vet I was told Doc couldn’t have EPI because he did not have “classic EPI symptoms” of diarrhea first then weight loss.  I dried my tears and began researching EPI and luckily found EPI4DOGS and Enzyme Diane, who have become our guardian angels and learned every EPI dog is different.  My vet was unfamiliar with the most current information on how to manage EPI, so I trusted my gut as I did when I knew Doc was sick, and followed the guidance of the many wonderful members on the forum who were gracious enough to let us join.  By doing so, Doc regained his 14lbs within just 6 weeks of treatment and his poops went from a sloppy mess to solid and formed.  Doc has maintained his weight and although his poops are not a “perfect 2,” they have been stable with a score of 2 and 3 since August – unless he eats something he shouldn’t.  When I took him in for a check up in December 2015 he weighed 101.8lbs and the vet said he needed to lose weight!!!!   

Because Doc did not present with symptoms in the “classic” order and the fact that he continues to poop live fly larvae – Doc is definitely unique and just ONE EPI dog among many!!  We will forever be grateful to Olesia for starting EPI4DOGS, to Diane for her life saving enzymes and all of the members of EPI4DOGS for the guidance, love and support!! 

                                                                           Love ya tons Doc…. your mom, Madelon!