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Alan’s EPI dog Brandy has also joined the coveted ranks of “The Chunky Monkey Club”

This is Brandy when she was first diagnosed with EPI in March 2012 weighing only 50lbs
… and this is Brandy 6 months later, September 2012, weighing in at 73lbs

Brandy, whelped 5/16/10. Purebred Sable GSD DDR Female (Spayed). Diagnosed EPI March 2012 at <50lbs.

Went thru the SIBO routine and got it cleared up with Tylan (Tylosin) 40 day regime.

Feeding: Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Coastal Catch, 3x day – 1.5cup each. EnzymeDiane’s 6x – 1/2 tsp each feeding. TRINFAC-B Intrinsic Factor – 1 cap daily. Occasionally, as a topper, I add a couple spoons of Solid Gold Canned Green Tripe or Sardines in water or Tunafish. She loves it!

As of July 2012 she is doing GREAT and over 60lbs.
**Started feeding without incubation on Jul 17th and no problems.**
**Reduced feeding to twice daily on Aug 14th (as she was near her optimal weight).**
** Sept 4th, weighed in at 73 pounds (optimal weight for her size).**

Thanks to Olesia for this wonderful Site and the folks that participate in it. You ALL saved my Brandy. Also a BIG THANKS to Diane & Sarge (RIP).