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Michele’s Dexter….the first day in his forever home


and Dexter today….. a member of the Chunky Monkey Club!

reminding me every day to take time to smell the roses … 


 … and the best thing in the whole wide world…. watching Dex &Jackie laughing and playing together !!!


As I write this – I am tearing up looking at the pics of Dex on the first day he came to us and how far he has come – he was 72 lbs and his hips and ribs could be seen and his EPI was not stable.   Today we took him for a weigh in and he is 105 lbs – 105 lbs of pure love and he is perfectly stable! 

It has been an amazing journey with him.   We took him in on April 2, 2011,  thinking we were fostering him and the first night he was with us, well…we fell in love with him.   He and Jackie bonded from the very first night (here is a video clip of how beautifully they interacted on that very first night)    He is an old soul who just wants to be at your side and make you happy – we celebrate him every day.   

God Bless each and every one of you who open your hearts and homes to these guys and give them a chance, who fight for them every day to see they are all they can be, who have truly learned the love of a dog – we are all better people for it.