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Craig’s “Miss Lulupants” is an official CHUNKY MONKEY!… Or as her Mother prefers to say, ‘a Miss Fatty-boom-stick-fluffy-pants’. Lulu has just weighed in at a buoyant 21.5kg!

After over a year of SIBO-free loveliness and weight maintenance at 19.5kg we had a little set-back in December which we couldn’t correct and needed a solid course of Tylan to wrest back into shape. So we commenced a regime of 1/4 tsp Tylan twice per day and one Metagenics B12 pill per day. After 6 weeks we tapered down to 1/4 tsp Tylan once per day for 4 weeks (which we are in the midst of, then we’ll try every other day for two week etc tapering it off). But interestingly after the SIBO started to give up the ghost in about week 4 the daily B12 really kicked in it seems and she’s stacked it on.

Lulu is as active as ever (probably more so   but the results have led us to DECREASE her food intake by 1/2 a cup per day for the moment. We thought we’d see how this goes in the spirit of ‘one change at a time’ and leave the B12 intake where it is. She might just settle on less food, more B12 = healthier Lulu. We shall see.

But for now y’all can see the difference 22 months makes for I found a picture of her two months after diagnosis (first photo below) when we were still struggling with a lack of grain free food, the residual non-effects of plant-based enzymes so prevalent in Australia and not having yet secured a stash of Tylan.

For a picture-taker I didn’t take many when she was sick but managed to find one…

Lulu now thriving…