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left us March 23, 2013

How do you say goodbye to something that has given you nothing but pure love, loyalty, redeemed your humanness?

 How do you say goodbye to that thing that wakes you up each morning and snuggles with you each night?

 How do you say goodbye to something that has taught you so much, but asked nothing in return for the knowledge you received?

 How do you say goodbye to a friend, family member, partner, protector and one of the most important things in your world?

 How do you say goodbye to sloppy kisses, midnight nudges and sappy looks?

 How do you say goodbye to love, unconditional from beginning to end?

 My goodbye is a warm hug, an unbridled ride in the car, a walk in the woods, an ice cream cone, pizza, a bowl of spaghetti and goldfish.

 My goodbye is carrying your memories with me wherever I go.

 My goodbye is being everything you wanted and needed me to be.

My goodbye is one last track.

My goodbye is a tear drop falling on your face as I bend to kiss you one last time as you leave this world.


She was my world, my heart, my everything and I will miss her dearly.

Always in my heart, Christa 


Skye lost her fight with Lymphoma on Saturday and I had to leave her go. While her EPI had been under control the Lymphoma was just too much. She fought a good fight.  I was told that due to her being a working dog (did SAR-mostly tracking) that I needed to give her that final command otherwise she would still continue to fight and I really could not see her suffer.  Working dogs will truly die while working.

Saturday morning she had pizza, gold fish, ice cream and food with out enzymes, I had to give her her hearts desire and I figured at this point, what was the harm.  I dressed as I would when going out tracking and put her harness on her.  As the vet was administering the final meds I held the scent article up to her nose while holding her head in my hand and told her to “check it” and “go find”. Her commands when tracking.  My mother’s scent was on that article and I told my mom when she reaches Heaven, Skye will find her. 
So for now Skye is tracking with the angels. 

Skye doing what she loved best…. Tracking.