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3/24/12 – 1/23/16

We brought Shaka home when he was a three-month-old puppy. In his short life, he brought our family an enormous amount of joy. He was a very active dog and even a diagnosis of EPI and later on, another diagnosis of hypothyroidism did not slow him down. He was always up for a walk, a romp in the yard, or a game of foot wubba (a combination of soccer and fetch).

He loved chasing squirrels, bunnies, and leaves on a windy day. He also had a group of neighborhood dog friends whose company he enjoyed. 

My husband taught him to drink from a glass, which he loved to do when we were watching TV at night. He also loved cats, but it was rarely reciprocated. Things that were not his favorite included smoke alarms, doorbells, vibrating cellphones, and any kind of contact sport on TV. I think that he thought people were hurting each other and it would make him bark like crazy. He really was quite character.

He was with us for 3 years and 7 months, which was not enough. He passed away from a muscular infection that did not respond to treatment.

He was a very good dog and we will love and miss him forever.
Forever in our hearts, mom Trisha and our family… we miss you dearly Shaka!