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The Angels took our Beloved Ruby Tuesday home on Feb 27, 2018

A Memorial To Ruby Tuesday

Beautiful Ruby girl.  You came to us 13 years ago in June because we wanted Max your litter mate to have someone to play with.  You were like bookends, one brain, one loving brain. You are with Max now after he crossed Rainbow Bridge 2 1/2 years ago.   You will no longer need the pancreatic powder, the daily butt wipes as you aged and that doggie diaper at night. When Max and then Baby Kal our rescue passed last April, then you became the Alpha dog to the other two GSD’s and the black and tan coon hound.  We were sure to send your red Kong with you to be cremated also.  You never wanted to lie on the bed at night with anyone else that made it there before you.  You were always comfortable and content to be  on your pile of blankets on the floor at the foot of the bed.  You learned like all the others before you to ring the sleigh bells on the door when you needed to go out. You never in almost 13 years never chewed anything, never peed or pooped in the house, never was aggressive to anyone.  You loved your walks and the treats you would get on your walks on the days you thought your aching bones didn’t want to go but yet you knew there would be treats along the way.We will miss you forever Ruby Tuesday.  You were so sweet, loving and we know you loved us also.  When your brother Max went before you we saw everyday when you would lie on the couch and just stare out the window with those big brown eyes, we knew you were thinking of him and of Baby Kal.  You were like the three musketeers always playing, guarding and loving the ear rubs and kisses that we gave you.

Run and play in heaven sweet Ruby Girl, run, play, no more pain, no more medicines. We will get those precious licks from you again one day. Good bye Ruby Tuesday and yes we sure are gonna miss you 🙁

Love your mom & dad Hill