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 Rocco crossed the Rainbow Bridge
August 2016

Rocco, our 12-year-old beloved dog, crossed over the rainbow bridge this week. We are heartbroken, to say the least. Deciding to put Rocco to sleep was one of the hardest decisions my husband and I had to make, but it needed to be done due to his illness. Rocco was a pug full of love and made us happy from the first day he came to live with us. I still remember the day we went to visit the litter to pick out a puppy. Rocco immediately broke away from other puppies and ran to my husband and licked his neck. I wanted a different puppy, but it was love at first sight for my husband. From that moment on Rocco became part of our family and soon stole my heart too. He was sweet, gentle, loving,funny, compassionate, and full of personality. Every kiss my husband and I shared, he had to be a part of and would join in and kiss us both. Rocco always made sure we knew when my son came home late at night by barking up a storm. At first, my son didn’t appreciate it, but now it’s one of the things he misses most about Rocco. My son  thought how to go up and down the stairs. My son loved Rocco like a brother and has already tattooed his name and paw print on his arm. When my grandson, Elijah arrived, Rocco was there to welcome him. Rocco slept in the hallway between my grandson’s and our bedroom to help us watch over him. Later, Rocco and Elijah developed a friendship of their own. Rocco was truly a blessing to our family and gave us many years of happiness. He was our heart and soul and truly a member of the family. He was a healthy pug until about 1 1/2 year ago when he developed diabetes and shortly after EPI. The EPI website was a Godsend for us. Managing the EPI became easy with the help of the members, especially,being able to get Diane Enzymes.  Managing Rocco’s diabetics was a challenge but now he’s crossed over and at peace. We are heartbroken and our house is empty but I know Rocco will meet us at Heaven’s gate. 

Rocco, you will be in our hearts forever….
Always, Josephine