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Our Beloved Riga
gave us 11 wonderful years…
but bade her final farewell on November 11, 2013 


 You came into my life

At such a small young age

You filled my heart with joy,

As I watched you pass each stage,


You had a special place

For each treasure that you found.

I would look for pills and glasses,

In the grass out on the ground.


You knew when time to stop

And not let daddy walk on.

His seizure you could sense

And only moved when it was gone.


You kept me feeling safe

And guarded us like sheep.

No harm would come to grandkids,

At night while they did sleep.


At four o’clock each day

I will look for you for fun.

But who will chase that ball,

Now that my dog is gone.


Sleep well my baby girl.

My heart now cries for you.

Your memory will always be,

In my soul, so alive, so true.

Farewell my sweet Riga! 

Love your mom, Lora

Riga’s final sunrise