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26th of February 2002  ~  18th of October 2010

My beautiful, sweet Megg has left us after 8-1/2 years together.  Megg was one of those once in a lifetime dogs.  She came home with us at 8 weeks old. A chubby little freckle faced ball of fluff.  We loved her instantly. She had the most beautiful nature, loved everyone, especially kids. She was always happy, funny, & just the most wonderful pet that we could ever have wished for.

 She had a very special relationship with her Irish Setter sister Tess.  Both were baby puppies together & were inseparable.  They did everything together & there was never a crossed word between them, not ever.  Tess’s life, as ours, will never be the same without her.   

 We miss her scrunchy happy smile, her forever wagging tail, her ‘bossy boots’ attitude.  We just miss her so much & will love her always. 

 My beautiful Megg will live in our hearts forever.

 Run free beautiful girl.  Go chase those birdies.   

Your loving Mum & Dad, Lynn & Derek and your sister, Tess