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 Tribute to Kona


June 13, 2006 – March 14, 2014

From the moment I laid eyes on you, I knew that you were the one, laying there under the air conditioner with the condensation dripping on your head.

When I spoke to you, you would look at me with those big brown eyes and cock your head to the side, knowing exactly what mommy was saying.  You had

bilateral knee surgery, fought EPI for 2 years and also had perianal fistulas and pulled through those even though we had our ups and downs.  Then you turned

around and went into kidney failure but you my dear boy fought even that as long as you possibly could.  Now my sweetie you have no pain and you are running

through the beautiful fields of Heaven.  One day my precious boy mommy will be there to join you so please wait for me and when I get there I want to see you cock that pretty little head when mommy arrives at those pearly white gates.


Love you always,

Mommy  ( Teresa Vaseleck )