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Feb 15 2015-June 11 2017

We rescued Khaleesi at the age of 1. She was diagnosed with EPI 3 months after we got her. 6 months ago, she had a bout of HGE, and we almost lost her. Unfortunately, it happened again, and she was not able to overcome it this time. Khaleesi was a part of the EPI Metabolic Research Study conducted by Dr Parick Barko at the University of Illinois. She was only on this earth for a short 2 years, but she left her mark, not only in our hearts, but in the world of EPI. Her contributions will hopefully shed some light into the diagnosis and treatment of EPI for others that follow in her footsteps. Khaleesi had so much love to give, she absolutely loved to be loved and love right back. I have never met such a loving and snuggly dog. We gave her the best life while she was on this earth, and she filled our hearts with her sweetness. It is not fair that she had to endure all that she did, but we pray that she has brought awareness and helped others. Khaleesi was our world changer and we will really miss her.    

Forever in our hearts,

Shannon & family