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~Kaiya (Ky,Baby,Pretty Girl)~

February 2007-Nov. 5, 2012

Kaiya- From the moment you came into our lives, our lives were never dull. You accompanied us on many outings and we had a summer filled with camping, swimming, and running just before you left. We enjoyed a 5 mile run just 2 days before your passing. The lord decided your suffering needed to be over and he took you peacefully in your sleep. Your ‘little brother’ Easton was with you in your time of passing and his presence I hope was a comfort to you. There is an empty hole in all of our hearts that cannot be filled. You were everything we needed and more. Thank you for getting me through the last year and half while ‘dad’ was away. Your constant comfort to me helped me survive a difficult time. We promise to take good care of your ‘little brother’ and when the time comes and our hearts have mended some we promise to provide a good home for another puppy/dog in need. Kaiya we love you and the memory of you will never die. Run free in heaven girl and wait for us on the other side. Keep a watchful eye on our family as we move through this life without you. 

 Love, Brock, Stefanie, Aspyn and Easton.