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went on her final journey March 2, 2013 

Hope crossed over to the rainbow bridge at 10:47am on March 2/13 in Sarasota Florida. She fought as hard as she could. However despite all the efforts of 2 vets at the emergency clinic and their staff, I had to make the hardest decision of my life to end her suffering. Judy, Emilie, Chance and Winnie and I were with her as she went to sleep. 
They say she had pancreatic cancer and her convulsions were becoming nonstop and even surgery would not save her. It is just coincidence it happened here and that the trip did not affect her outcome.
In her life vest. Last Sunday was her last Westie play day. She will be cremated. Her ashes will come back home and be buried in her original wagon that her Uncle Harold rebuilt for her last year.  
She didn’t get to ride in her wagon on the beach and show people here how amazingly fearless and brave hearted a Westie she was. She will never ride on the back of my bicycle again nor swim in the pool but….

She is watching over all of us now, my little beloved Hopey.  
Forever in my heart, Nancy