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 Mary’s Beloved Foxy….

 A tribute to Foxy

May 20, 2014

I miss my dog


I miss the jingle of her tags when she scratches her ear.

I miss the clatter of her claws as she walks across my wood floors.

I miss her earthy smell.

I miss her hair on my floors, furniture, and clothes.

I miss having to be careful where I step in the backyard.

I miss her greeting me at the gate when I come home.

I miss preparing her food at 7am and 5 pm.

I miss her big brown eyes watching me eat as if to say “are you going to eat all of that?”

I miss her laying on the floor beside the sofa where I could reach down and touch her. She would raise her head as if to say “you know I was sleeping don’t you”.

I miss her sleeping at the foot of our bed and waking me at 4am.

I miss everything about my Foxy. My house and heart are empty. We had her for seven years and nine months. Not enough time. She was taken so fast, at least that was merciful. We gave her the best we could and she gave it back. Thank you Foxy, RIP. 

You will forever be in our hearts, Mary