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Seth’s beloved Donna…..

Home is where the Heart is………. 

Thank you Seth for donating Donna’s enzymes to us!

“My name is Melanie and I live in WV.  I currently volunteer to foster dogs out of our high kill shelter until they find homes.  Last summer a sweet little dog came to us. The vets in our small town aren’t very familiar with EPI and after months of treating for worms, infection the works they realized she had this disease.  She had recently been pulled from the pound and just missed euthanasia.  She ended up coming down with Parvo and only survived by the dedication of several volunteers who stayed up countless nights giving her fluids.  When she came to me she weighted and mere 20 pounds and hardly had the strength the walk.  Most of her days were spend on my back porch lying in the sun with barely a tail wag.  One day she couldn’t even focus with her eyes she had this dead stare and I knew I had to do something.  That is when I found the EPI site and through their guidance Abby started to play and flourish.  She weighs an amazing 47 pound at this time.  I also thought the group would put her down due to the expense of medicine since our only funding comes from hotdog sales and such.  Thanks to Olesia and the wonderful group Abby has been blessed with much needed and appreciated enzyme contributions.  I know that finding a home for this dog is going to be extremely difficult but you will never know how much your contribution of Donna’s remaining enzymes has helped us.  I am so sorry for you loss.  Donna was such a beautiful dog and to think you were only blessed with her for 2 years is terrible.  You gave Donna 2 years than many people would not have!  She was very lucky. Thank you for the enzyme contribution, Melanie”