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December 21, 2001 ~ April 12, 2010

You were a small flower I rescued from a thorny field
I brought you home and planted you in my heart
Here you grew to know what real love was
Though you weren’t a perfect flower
Your uniqueness made you special

Your favorite place was on our bed
You liked to lay your head on our pillows
Because you wanted to show us you were like us
You hugged me by rubbing your head into my chest
I hugged you by holding you against me

When it was time to pick mommy up from work you raced
To the end of the yard to see if it was okay to go
Your back leg flying out to the side as you ran
You’d look back at me and if I said okay, you’d scoot under the gate

When I took you for a walk you didn’t need a leash
You’d never go far ahead of me
At each curb you’d stop to see if it was okay to go
You needed no training because you loved me

Then your imperfections began to show
And your uniqueness made you even more special
You could no longer hug me, so I hugged you
God wanted to pick his Daisy
I had to let you go
You will always be planted in my heart

~Daisy’s Daddy Tony~