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Cinder was named Cinderella when we first adopted her. We were her fifth home due to her EPI because no one thought she was worth the trouble. She was on her last day at a kill shelter when GDS rescue took her in and we found her. My 5 year old son, Samuel, decided that she had found her “happily ever after” home so we should call her Cinderella. Cinder gave more than she ever asked for. She learned to play again and not fear making mistakes or accidents anymore. She learned to wag her tail and enjoy life. She gave so much joy to our family. She was Samuels best friend …always ready to go down to the “creepy basement” to get a toy …and Samuel needed protecting from the “scary things” that might be down there.  Each night after bed-time I could always find Cinder sleeping beside Samuel on the floor of his bedroom. We had four short years with Cinder but I would do it all again for the love and joy we had in those years with her.  






 Cinder, you are missed so very much and will forever be in our hearts!  With all our love, your mom Helen.