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My Brie

May 10, 2009 ~ February 20, 2015 

I received an email sent to many about a 6 yr old GSD that needed a home badly.  She had been a product of divorce and suffered horribly because of it.  I looked at her face and into her eyes.. we were not looking for a dog.. but I knew she needed us.  She came to us on mothers day 2009, hardly able to walk, sunken face, ribs showing.  After a few trips to the vet, I asked the doctor to test her for EPI.  She had it and we began her journey to health with the help of Enzyme Diane. I cared for her, we got her weight up, spayed her, replaced a hip and continued her special diet. She gave us in return, the sweetest love on earth. We let her go February 20, 2015, as her pain was not controllable any more and she was slipping away. As much pain as I knew I would be in when she left, I could not let her suffer because of it. We spent many days together doing therapy work with the elderly and children, she was a very special girl.
 I miss you every day sweet girl and I will love you forever.  
Mom and Pop and all the brothers and sisters you were so kind to when they entered our home in bad shape like you had once been in.  ~ love you forever, mom Susan