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July 2, 2005 to June 11, 2010

Krieg was adopted from rescue on April 3 , 2010 and diagnosed with EPI shortly after that…..Although we had him a short time, we loved and adored this dog so very much. He jumped through a trough of water to greet me at the rescue event where we met him.  From that moment forward, he was ours.

Krieg loved to play ball more than most retrievers and would run and run endlessly. He loved his squeaky toys and was always busy hauling them around, squeaking so loudly that watching TV was a challenge! His favorite activity was riding in our ATV with Dad around our vacation home property in the mountains. He would sit in the ATV and refuse to get out until all the chores were done.

He was such a happy boy…always ready for an outing, an adventure.  

When we brought home our new golden retriever puppy, Ginger, he played so kindly with her.  She adored him and would jump on him, walk under him and bite at his ears. Everything she did was tolerated.  He played sweetly with her even in his final hour.

You are woven into our hearts and we will never forget you, our dear sweet Krieg.