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Rescued Breeder from Puppy Mill September 2006 ~ December 3, 2010

Pebbles with best friend PeeWee

Mindy, Foxy & Pebbles 

This first day i got brought Pebbles and held her in my arms

4 1/2 years ago I heard of 2 puppy mill breeders who needed help and I already had 2 rescues.  They spent 7 years in a horrible puppy mill.    I was a dog trainer for 23 years and knew I could help.  Pebbles the Papillion was the little white one both about 8 years old.  She came from Nebraska with a trucker who offered to transport her to NJ.  After the rescue she went to a foster home for clean up vets etc…. then went to Pap haven rescue…short layover at fosters… and then I was able to bring her home.  The first thing I noticed was those big black eyes…sad, wide open and so frightened, stiff and shaking.  Pic link above is the first time I held her.  She blossomed over time and grew a beautiful coat  and became the love of my life, she always made me smile with that one ear up and one ear down.. just made her more special, she loved to run, play but mostly dance at the site of a treat..  She was lovable, cuddle-able and never made a peep…  she would fall asleep under my arm and bury her head …  she would jump as if in the olympics and when the big dogs ran in the yard you always saw little Pebbles about 10 feet behind running to keep up.  She had no fear of the crazy bigger dogs and they were gentle with her.  I have had many dogs, cats, birds… but Pebbles sure was my special Golden Girl…   her fur glimmered in the sun.  I can’t think of one thing I miss but I think of everything I miss….  she had her health struggles but did good until the last few days…..  To know her was to love her…. always.  If I had one wish it would be to turn back time…..  still can’t imagine life without my lovely, soft golden girl..  my heart is bleeding…  I will think of you and love you forever Pebbles…. we all miss you…. especially your pal Pee Wee…   she’s looking for you… someday I will hold you again…  rest in peace and DANCE.

Love your mom, Susan