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Cora was diagnosed with EPI when she was four years old. She lost about 25 pounds over a few month period, going down to 60 pounds. Cora’s family – Kaia and her big sister Anna and their parents, brought Cora to us, the grandparents, to see if we could help – figure out why Cora was so sick and getting weaker by the day. When she arrived at our home Cora could barely stand. With the incredible care of our vet Chad Aderhold, Cora was diagnosed, and then with his help and the help of the EPI Forum Community, a lot of internet search time and a whole lot of love and patience, Cora began the very long journey to get well. Today Cora weighs in at 92 pounds and lives to love her family and protect the world from furry woodland creatures especially squirrels.

~Cora’s loving grandma, Jill

1.       Cora Thin – her lowest weight 60 pounds
2.       Anna Feeding Cora – older sister Anna when she was 3 (was a picture in an EPI Calendar)
3.       Kaia – 2 years old pic
4.       Cora’s Family (uniform – son is Major in Air Force)
5.       Winter Closeup –  Cora in strength