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 Anu’s “Sheru” before being treated for EPI…


 Exactly a year back we got Sheru from a local kennel in Delhi. He must be around 5-6 months of age, recovering from tick fever, was blind in one eye and was ill. What we did not realize is this pup we brought home also had some undiagnosed clinical GI problem – He would eat and poop ALL THE TIME. Multiple visits to different vets, multiple changes in diet didn’t solve anything. 

By December, i was tired. I came to a point that I was seriously considering euthanasia because I couldn’t see this poor dog just wasting away. We had people stop on the street and tell us that we should feed our dog and suspect that we were probably torturing it! 
So one weekend I started doing some research – on the internet. Never a good idea, but I was out of ideas. As cliche as it sounds, I still remember as if it were yesterday, that it was 8:30pm on Sunday night that I stumbled upon your website. 
It took me a half hour to get convinced that Sheru had EPI! Everything matched! The symptoms, the stories, even the way the dogs looked in the pictures!
I ordered my husband to call the local pet store right away and get pancreatic enzymes – this was close to 9pm and shops close at 9:30pm. Thankfully, things can be home delivered at any point of time in New Delhi. And even though there was no prescription the shop owner knew how much we were struggling with our dog for the past 6 months. 
The enzymes arrived at 10pm. My husband was not convinced with the diagnosis and I begged him that we had tried everything and there was no harm in trying one more thing. 
Two days later – the first solid poop from Sheru – not semi-solid, solid! I was at work and my husband send me a picture of the poop on whatsapp!
Progressively, Sheru started to look better, gain weight, get a little color in his coat. Today, we are actually considering that he needs to go on a diet since he is looking a little ‘porkie’ 🙂
He still gets 1/2 tab (as now recommended by the vet) with his meals. And now that Sheru is satiated and his mind is not always looking for food, we have a wonderful dog in our lives. We have now adopted another street mutt Ella and both of them bring us so much joy.
 I just wanted to convey how thankful I am to this website. If it wasn’t for, we wouldn’t have had Sheru today and I would have probably never kept a dog in my life again.
Thank you thank you thank you!!!
Kind Regards,