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The pictures below are of Yama, a pure-bred Akita dog. Yama was diagnosed in 2008 at 4.5 years old with EPI. As you can see from the picture, Yama’s owner, Marty, just about lost all hope. But with enzyme treatment and a change in diet to a no-grain food …within six months… Yama once again is enjoying life. Any breed can have EPI, and there is hope for every one. Diagnosed July 08,  Lowest weight: 52 lbs, Current weight: 80 lbs. (Dick Van Pattens Duck & Potato – 3 x 1.5 cup meals per day, Pancreatin (powdered porcine enzymes) 6X – 1 tsp per cup of kibble ratio, Sprinkled on dry kibble (not ground), Soaked with equal parts warm water 4 hours before serving.