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This is Archie, a German Shepherd Dog who weighed in at an appalling 37 lbs at the shelter…fostered by one angel named Cheryl and adopted by forever angels named Gretchen & Brian… 7 months…..under the wonderful care and love of Gretchen & Brian… Archie has gone from 37lbs to a whopping 75lb!!!!

Archie now eats Iams Lamb & Rice dry food sprinkled with PancreVed (pancreatic replacement enzymes from the DVM) , wet  down & stirred, wait 20 minutes, and stir in a few tablespoons of yogurt (to prevent bloat). He also gets vitamins (PetTabs from Petco).  And of course a few treats a day!  Don’t ever doubt what a lot of love, care and good veterinary care can do! Please know that there is hope……Dogs with EPI can and do turn around and flourish with proper treatment!