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I know how daunting it is and how helpless you feel when you hear the word EPI.. and even then the mountain you need to climb with your furkid to get he/she stable. Its tiring, heartbreaking, worrying & it seems when one thing is battled, another pops it’s head up. There is always light at the tunnel.

Although Kobe is having a few issues at the moment, I thought I’d post some pics up of him recently (No poop pics, promise).

At his lowest weight he was just over 33kgs, a 7kg drop from before diagnosis. These pics still give me chills now, but at the same time you can see what perseverance means and how this forum helped him to look the way he does now.

Feb 2010 – 5 months after EPI diagnosis, he had a 5 month battle with SIBO:

and this is Kobe today… a BIG (and happy!) difference!: